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Here's what our clients say

“While I don’t necessarily believe in magic, there is definitely something magical in the way Jacques perceives the body’s stress and gently soothes it. He was singularly devoted to helping me improve my health and well-being, and he gave me the tools and the determination to keep it going. It’s about more than just fitness. It’s about caring for your body, mind, and spirit.”

— RM

“Jacques is fantastic! I came to him with pain in my left hip, left inner thigh and both knees. The pain was keeping me from my yoga practice which I dearly love. Within a few days after my first appointment my knees were completely out of pain, the pain in my inner thigh was gone and my hip was more than 50% better. After about five more sessions, I was ready to go back to my yoga practice and I am doing very well. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Jacques and recommend him wholeheartedly.”

— ME

“My best 40th birthday gift is a life with out pain, and a rebuilt body that supersedes its condition prior to my accident. Up front, I had struggled with the initial acute pain my accident and I turned to Chiropractors and Acupuncture. I became discouraged when I would return every 2-3 months after re-injuring myself despite being cautious when re-starting my exercises. Over a year this cycle continued. The longer it went, the more muscle I lost and the coping patterns of my body set in. MyoTopia (CMP) was the answer to healing that I had been trying to find between many other modalities. Jacques has an inexhaustible ability to be present and listen while his curiosity and attention to detail leads to solutions. Beyond the liberation of healing, Jacques has taught me the science of the body, and created a mindful, independent, enhancement/exercises routine. Now that I’m up and moving again with no re-injury, my depression and pain have subsided. It is amazing to have a practitioner that guides the body and mind to heal itself. ”

— KE

“After getting rear ended in an automobile accident I tried everything to rehab my shoulder injury. Weekly sport massage, chiropractor, Pilates, and PT but eventually had to give up running all together. Then I met Jacques. After only one session I was pain free and back running. Jacques is a master and brilliant at what he does.”


“My 93 year old mother awakened at my home unable to move the day she was scheduled to fly back to Florida. Needless to say there was great concern among family members as we hovered over her wondering whether we should have her postpone her trip. As I was scheduled for a more routine appointment with Jacques I decided to have my Mom take the appointment and almost like magic, an hour later, my Mom was walking, moving, feeling relaxed and on her way back home... I can’t say enough about the care, concern and competence that Jacques demonstrated that day and every day.”

— BD., PhD. 

“Before I started seeing Jacques, my body constantly broke down and I was frequently visiting doctors for a variety of baseball-related injuries. Jacques is the only person who has been able to put me back together and keep me running. I have been injury-free and healthy since I first started seeing Jacques. I do not know where my career would be with out him.”

— JY

“Jacques has been of great assistance in identifying and correcting physical issues. The sessions are most productive and informative resulting in my having a better understanding which makes for better success.”

— PW

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