Neuro-Logic Training

Finally, a comprehensive exercise experience designed specifically for you.
Here's the process.
Transform your body, evolve your mind.
Getting to know you
  • First, we ask you to complete a secure, online questionnaire that will introduce us to who you are and what you want - physically and mentally. 

  • Then we schedule a complimentary introductory session to learn more about your goals, needs, abilities, and preferences.

  • In this session, we design and guide you through an assessment specifically created for you. Your experience of this assessment and our observations form the basis of the program that we will design for you.

Review and approve your plan
  • Now that we know you a bit better and have seen you in action, we compose a report to help you understand the current state of your physiology and lay out the plan to improve what needs work and maintain what is in perfect order. This plan is your Neuro-Logic Training (N-LT) progression.

  • After you review the plan, your next steps are to ask any questions that you may have, and then book your series of N-LT sessions. 

Neuro-Logic Training phase 1
  • Each exercise in your N-LT progression is designed specifically for you. To make sure that your body and mind are getting precisely what you need to safely and efficiently achieve your goals, you  will learn to apply the 5 Principles of Neuro-Logic Training. In each session, you will have us right at you side, guiding and encouraging you. We can even do this virtually!

  • Your N-LT session will be fun and invigorating, lasting no more than one hour. The frequency of your sessions will depend on what you need and how much time you are willing to commit.

  • We have a range of equipment for you to work with - everything from state-of-the art Keiser machines to free weights, elastic tubing, carry bags, etc. In addition (and when needed), we use Delsys surface electromyography to observe  your nervous system in action and Moxy muscle oxygen monitors to see specifically we can improve your performance. 

Neuro-Logic Training phase 2
  • Just as the body needs specific stimulation to maintain health, the mind needs it, too. Neuroscientists have shown that specific exercise conditions prime the brain for structural change, creating the opportunity for changes in your behavior, attitudes, and cognitive strategies. We orchestrate these conditions in Phase 1.

  • In phase 2 (which can run concurrently with phase 1), we leverage this potent environment to shift your behavior, attitudes, and cognitive strategies in the ways that you would like to see.