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The Exercise Design Lab

The Exercise Design Lab (EDL) is an inviting, inclusive, 1,000 square foot training studio that offers novel and proven strategies to deliver the promise of exercise to the communities on Mount Desert Island, Maine and people around the globe. 

Here's what the EDL can do for you.


In addition to helping you improve the health of your body, brain, and mind, we can help you achieve goals that have so far been elusive. Our approach is centered around you and each exercise is custom-designed for you. You can expect exercises that feel better, and produce faster, more satisfying, and lasting results.

What makes Neuro-Logic Training (NLT) different?

NLT applies neuroscience to exercise. We consider everything about how the nervous system influences and is influenced by exercise to create a powerful, unique exercise experience. NLT leverages the power of an appropriately engaged body and mind, providing the opportunity to transform the body while evolving desired behavior patterns, attitudes, and cognitive skills.   

Our World-Class Equipment

Equipped with impeccable gear by Chatillon, Delsys, Keiser, and Ziva, the EDL has a full compliment of high tech assessment and training gear. From rehabilitation and weight loss to speed, power, endurance, and hypertrophy training, we have the tools to help you safely achieve your goals.


Jacques H. Newell Taylor

Jacques is the founder of The Exercise Design Lab and developer of Neuro-Logic Training (N-LT). He has over 25 years of experience and education in the fields of applied neuroscience and exercise science. From Oberlin College through multiple advanced certifications, Jacques’ studies have focused on elucidating and exploiting the relationships between physical performance, mental performance, and personal transformation. His strong reputation for excellent results and thoughtful service have earned the respect of medical and exercise professionals, professional athletes, and Hollywood celebrities. In addition, he has an outstanding national and international reputation as a lecturer on the neuroscience of exercise.

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