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Force and the Nervous System

You are an outstanding exercise professional. As such, your skill and time are in high demand. Yet, you still crave additional knowledge and insight to deliver even more value to your clients, further distinguishing you from your peers. As a busy professional, it becomes hard to find continuing education that is worth your time. You want more than just new choreography, cues, and clever slogans. Beyond fitness fads, buzz words, dogma, and sound bites, you seek potent, credible, and measurable strategies to fortify and expand your skill-set. You are ready to delve into the science of how exercise transforms the body, brain, and mind. Here’s your solution:

The Force and the Nervous System Immersion Series - Exploring the Intersection of Neuroscience and Exercise to design exercises that feel better and produce faster, more satisfying and lasting results.

Why would successful, intelligent exercise professionals, like you, want to participate?

  • From neurons, nerves, and motor units to neural networks and the mind, we explore and apply neuroscience to create exercises that transform the body and fortify the mind. While most thought processes and certifications focus on muscles, joints, connective tissues, and nutrition, this dynamic collection of videos, articles, activities, experiments, and interactive webinars focuses on the relationships between exercise and the nervous system.

  • The Force and the Nervous System Immersion Series (FNSIS) will expose you to the research, technology, ongoing investigations, and methods that will enhance your skills and build new ones, further distinguishing you from your peers. This series is built on quality, peer reviewed research and in collaboration with experts from multiple disciplines. All information is referenced so that you can easily distinguish what is fact, hypothetical, or just a rational idea and the origin of the information.

​While FNSIS is the major offering, you can register for select modules within the FNSIS curriculum separately! 

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