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Neuro-Logic Training

State-of-the-art technology

Developing a precise understanding of how your physiology is currently tuned is key to developing your customized program. As determined by your needs and goals, we use research-grade technology to peer into how you do what you do.

  • We use surface electromyography to observe the activity, timing, and efficiency of your neuromuscular response to exercise. This insight allows us to find inefficiencies and compensation patterns and design exercises to improve the performance of specific muscles.

  • We use the Moxy Monitors to see how well your cardiovascular system is delivering oxygen to working muscles, at what rate are your muscles are using the delivered oxygen, and how well does your cardiovascular system is clearing CO2 from the working muscles. This data allows us to get specific about the precise number of reps and sets that you need for optimal results.

  • With our strategic selection of Keiser Strength Training Equipment we can test and train the speed and power or your legs, core, and upper body. The unique pneumatic resistance allows for rapid, precise changes in load (.1lb increments) and a smooth path of motion that just feels right. 

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