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The Exercise Design Lab

Beyond goals, achieve your purpose

Here's how we do it

Neuro-Logic Training

We leverage advances in neuroscience and exercise science to empower you to physically and mentally excel. From athletes to laypersons, we design exercise programs that feel better and produce faster, more satisfying, and lasting results.  No matter your goals, Neuro-Logic Training is built around you.

Neuro-Logic Training is a potent, evidence-based approach to exercise that facilitates:

Advanced Assessment Resources
Force and the Nervous System

We have leading edge  technology to collect meaningful data about the current state of your metabolism, cardiopulmonary, cardiovascular, and neuromuscular systems. 

  • VO2 Master - In addition to accurately calculating your resting metabolic rate, we can collect data anywhere you exercise, ride, run, swim, or paddle to assess your VO2 Max, ventilatory thresholds, and training zones.

  • Moxy Muscle Oxygen Monitor By measuring real-time changes in oxygen saturation in working muscle, we hone in on the details of how to break through your performance and rehabilitation plateaus. 

  • Surface Electromyography with decomposition Measuring the electrical activity of working muscle allows use to observe the efficiency and coordination of the neuromuscular system. This is critical data to design exercises that optimize your performance.

FNS is a learning platform for exercise professionals that delves into the intersection between neuroscience and exercise science.  There is heavy emphasis on applying neuroscience to explore and avail the inextricable relationship between the body and the mind.

Our Home Base

18 Pleasant Street, Bar Harbor, ME 04609

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